Wind farms are fantastic for generating clean renewable energy and are a part of the future, BUT wind farms that are safe for birds are even better.


The presence and operation of wind turbines and associated infrastructures, as well as actions related to their operation and maintenance lead to changes in bird behaviour, causing them to be displaced from the area. Displaced birds may no longer use suitable habitat within or close to the wind farm, which constitutes functional habitat loss.

Environmental assessment is vital to ensure wind farms and wildlife can exist in harmony away from major migration routes and important feeding, breeding and roosting areas.


Our strategic consultancy offers specialist studies for a wide range of institutions, including state regulators, financial institutions and NGOs. We solve wind-wildlife challenges associated with wind farms and powerlines.

Birdtrack tracking life

Birdtrack© is a radar-based solution that avoids bird fatality at wind farms by selectively shutting down turbines under special environmental restrictions as a result of intense bird migratory flux or the presence of endangered species.

We build our custom approach for your project through the provision of critical knowledge for informed management practices and the implementation of practical solutions so that wind energy can expand while preserving the lives of protected bird and bat species.


Shutdown on demand is considered to be the most effective bird fatality mitigation measure and Strix are the world pioneers of this technology. Not only do we have the expertise to advise, design and implement shutdown on demand, we also have the unique experience of running it successfully.